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Tip # 1

When having your roof done - there is a lot to consider - Nailing Patterns (proper spacing) and improper nailing,   if the nails are driven in properly, E.G. crooked nails, over-driven or under-driven nails. CHECK  out the chart, ALSO , when using nail guns - the installer should always be taking his hammer out and flattening nails, as the compressor does not distribute air properly throughout each air line -creating over or under distribution throughout the airlines - affecting the nails straightness and driving power.

Tip # 2

Having issues with Algae growth on shingles? Worry no more, with this tip you can rid your roof of the unsightly moss. . . Carefull if you try and remove the growth yourself as you can damage the shingles.

The best way to counter-growth is to install a ZINC strip. When there is rainfall , the water hits the strip of metal and creates a chemical reaction and shedding over the surface area of the roof which eliminates the possiblity of any growth of Algea!


Here is a Photo of a roof before and after the Zinc strip installation. Three years later and still no growth!


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