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DIY project? Nailing roof shingles? TIP

Roofing Tip by Alex Callanan

Sharing some know how !

Tip, blog, post , web page, google, sharing is great! Even if it's a tid bit of information! In this piece of writing, a very valuable tid bit is included ,in the roofer world at least.. Without this, well . . . let's just say the more people who know this tip, the better for everyone under a shingled roof! When having your roof done -or even considering to do it yourself, there is a lot of stuff to may not seem like it , but there is. . . you could make simple of it could....but there IS many technicality's which are ghastly over seen, even by "pro's"...things like minimum's and maximums of exposure/coverage on shingles, nails near step flashing, or skylight front pans or back pans ....or just complete negligence to ... . . . MY favorite and most important - Nailing Patterns and driving the actual nail!

These issues being the most important - Nailing Patterns ,proper spacing to have no exposed nails or any nails even with MIN 3-6" proximity exposure to water !( this is not a specific minimum , all products have different installation specifications) IF there is a nail, no water running down a roof should come in contact with an exposed nail and now move that nail 3-6" away from any joins of shingles, again like i said, different manufacturers identify different installations.

this tip is just the most important golden rule...not even a tip, it's telling you to drive a nail...properly. . . take the time and put the nail in straight...

Improper nailing, if its not driven in properly and the head flat and smooth, it will cause issues with lifespan of the shingle and possibly create a leak.

Crooked nails, Over-driven , Under-driven nails, are some of the improper ways to drive a nail!

CHECK out the PIC ( From Google images),

**ALSO , when using nail guns - the installer should always be taking out there hammer to flatten nails once shot by the air nailer, as the compressor does not always distribute air properly throughout each air line -creating over or under distribution throughout the airlines - affecting the nails straightness and driving power.

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